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                    Credentials & Certifications


My Story

Nutrition and an active lifestyle have consistently been a central part of my life, both personally and professionally.  I’ve worked as a health educator in the corporate, media, academic, and non-profit arenas. As an avid athlete and general health information seeker, I have always been incredibly interested in the various aspects of wellness. 

But despite my best intentions, my body hasn’t always cooperated. I’ve struggled with inflammation issues and autoimmune disease most of my adult life, which at times has been limiting, intrusive, and upsetting. Ulcerative colitis and then inflammatory arthritis forced me to make many compromises, inhibiting me physically and taking a mental toll as well. I’ve always been extremely “healthy” with a solid diet and daily exercise, but true wellness was falling short. 

  • AFPA, Certified Autoimmune Nutrition Specialist

  • AFPA, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

  • AIP Certified Coach (Autoimmune Protocol)

  • MedFit, Osteoporosis Fitness Specialist

  • Columbia University, Teacher’s College, MA Health Education

  • University of Pennsylvania, BA Psychology

Many exceptionally intelligent and well-meaning physicians offered medicine to suppress my symptoms but were unable to tackle problems at the source after that. And most notably, not one sat down and spoke to me about autoimmune in its broader meaning. What was it and what could I do about it. Instead it was unilateral. Accept, medicate, move on.

But I wasn’t ready to give in entirely. I’ve always explored other options on my own in conjunction with traditional therapy given the potentially dangerous side effects.  Trial and error with many foods left me frustrated and I wasn’t able to find anyone to guide me, taking the whole picture into account. When I asked a world-renowned rheumatologist in NYC at my appointment about the dietary impact on inflammation, he mocked it and simply offered “well, you have to eat!”. 

Then someone casually mentioned The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and I was intrigued.  Maybe AIP would allow me to learn more about the nutrition and lifestyle impact on inflammation and autoimmune disease, maybe it would provide part of a solution for me. It did both. Finally – an explanation to autoimmunity –demystifying! Science-based strategies to help regulate it - empowering!  And improvements to my health, and resulting quality of life,  clear and profound- incredible! I knew this complete paradigm shift was not only a path towards feeling better for myself, but also, a clear opportunity to help others. 

I dove in head first and immersed myself in all things autoimmune from a lifestyle perspective. Reading, listening, studying, and learning from leaders in the field of functional medicine and autoimmunity. 


I became a Certified AIP Coach, and in time, a Certified Autoimmune Nutrition Specialist, and Holistic Nutritionist. Gaining more insight into the functional nutrition space and expanding my client base, my areas of focus broadened while maintaining a clear focus - nutrition (and lifestyle) as key catalysts to improved health.  

I know that I’m getting the most out of the variables in life that I can control to optimize my health, and the results are apparent daily. I feel great!  There is so much we can do to help regulate our system as well as our genetic expression.  Our body wants to be in balance, to find its homeostasis, and we can give it the tools to help achieve that. I'm on my own wellness journey, maneuvering with knowledge and experience.  It’s taken time to discover how I can achieve better health, I'm creating my apple, and now I want to work with you to find and own yours.  






In The News:

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Receiving an autoimmune diagnosis can feel terrifying and incredibly daunting. As a Certified Autoimmune Health Specialist and AIP Certified Coach, I work to support clients on all nutrition and lifestyle components that can have a profound effect on their health and well-being. Our work is a compliment to the plan they are pursing with their medical practitioners. 


Bone Health

Often neglected until it’s an exceptionally challenging game of catch up, our bones are vital to our health and longevity. There are many factors that can undermine our bone health, including autoimmunity, hormonal changes, inflammation, and a host of others. I bring the critical conversation front and center.


Inflammation & Chronic Conditions 
Inflammation is often the common thread in chronic health conditions, and many times compromised gut health is one of the major underlying factors. Dietary intake can be magically healing or conversly can undermine our health. Together we figure out the sweet spot!

General Wellness

So what should I eat? I work together with clients to optimize their health and achieve any wellness goals they may have through an individually tailored program. 

Feel Better. Become Empowered. Own Your Apple.

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