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Feel Better.

Become Empowered.

Own Your Apple.

Nutrition & lifestyle guidance to help you manage autoimmunity
and achieve better health.


If you found your way here,  you or someone you care about has likely been struggling with an autoimmune condition. You may be feeling frustrated and believe that there is more you can do to take control of the situation. You're absolutely right - and I'm here to help!

I am an Autoimmune Nutrition & Health Specialist, AIP Certified Coach (Autoimmune Protocol), and have been navigating life with autoimmune disease for over a decade.  Through years of study and exploration I not only developed my own roadmap to better health, but draw on everything I've learned (and continue to learn with the growing scientific literature!) to help others understand autoimmunity and inflammation, and make changes to feel better! I educate clients and help them play an active role in improving their health.


We talk A LOT about GUT HEALTH so get ready! Improving and optimizing that can have a tremendous positive ripple effect across the board! I also lean heavily towards optimizing BONE HEALTH - as this area is often neglected, and simultaneously exacerbated by poor gut health and compromised absorption, as well as other factors such as inflammatory conditions, hormones, lifestyle choices, diet, and medications. 


My job is incredibly rewarding because through educating, guiding, and supporting my clients, they not only feel better, but also I have the opportunity to witness them positively changing their narrative.

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Feel Better. Become Empowered. Own Your Apple.

It’s time to feel better. We now know that most chronic conditions, including autoimmune, can be vastly influenced by diet and lifestyle. That’s actually good news as these are modifiable and actionable! Become empowered with the knowledge and tools to significantly improve your health. Learn about your own bio-individuality and discover what constitutes your “apple a day” to better health. Everyone’s journey to wellness is distinctive. Together, we will find your apple, and then it’s yours to own!

An Integrative Approach to Health & Wellness

Whether you struggle with an autoimmune condition, seemingly inexplicable inflammation, have a personal goal, or just want to feel better, we can tackle it together with an integrative approach. I’ll support and guide you on this journey.

Healthy Meal
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We all know that physical activity is accompanied with a myriad of health benefits, including playing a powerful role in immune function, hormonal balance, and inflammation. However, sometimes it can be challenging to incorporate movement when struggling with autoimmunity - pain, fatigue, or other symptoms can be challenging roadblocks. Together we will create a plan that is appropriate, attainable, and beneficial, one step at a time. 

We need to manage stress and prioritize sleep like our health depends on it, because it does! Our gut, brain, and body are inextricably linked as one, never more present than in inflammation and autoimmunity. In addition, harnessing the mind to support the body can have a tremendous impact. Let’s give it the air-time it deserves and create a toolbox that works for you.

Every time you eat it's truly an opportunity to help heal and nourish your body, regulate your immune system, and take steps towards better health. Autoimmunity calls for a different nutritional approach to help restore the critical balance in the gut and then our entire body! In addition, during this process, knowing what foods to avoid and which powerhouses to double down on can make a huge difference! We will work together from this functional nutrition perspective to support this process as you heal and thrive. 

Feel Better. Become Empowered. Own Your Apple.

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